Marine Corps Tattoo Policy – Which Tattoos Are Authorized?

The Marine Corps tattoo policy is deisgned to balance the Marine Corps’ high standards of professional military appearance and heritage with the personal desires of Marines. You can find the official Marine Corps Tattoo Policy in the The Marine Corps Bulletin 1020, released June 2, 2016. This bulletin explains the new Marine Corps tattoo policy, […]

Servicemembers Group Life Insurance – A Great Benefit for Marines

Life insurance is one of those topics most people forget about, but if you are serving in the US Marines, you need it. Thankfully, the US Government has your back, by offering a low-cost life insurance option called the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI). SGLI is only available to active duty military members, members of the […]

A Culture of Tradition – History of the US Marines

On 10 November 1775, the Second Continental Congress established what was to become one of America’s greatest traditions. The signing initiated the founding of the Continental Marines, whose two battalions were to be led by Captain Samuel Nicholas.

Marine Corps Aviation

Although the main mission of the United States Marine Corps is accomplished on the ground, US Marines heavily rely on the assistance provided by Marine aviation squadrons.

Marine Force Recon

Since its activation in June of 1957, the United States Marine Corps Force Recon has served as one of the elite units in the special operations community.

Chappy Kevin Hynes – Chaplain, University of Georgia

Marines are known for their strength and endurance — but a well kept secret is that they also have big hearts. Do you think the secret to happiness is fame or fortune? Most people do. That is what makes former United States Marine, Kevin Hynes, a true American hero. His duty serving his country didn’t […]

What is Life Like on a US Marine Base?

It is very often the case that some people feel a little apprehensive about joining the Marine Corps because they feel that life on a US Marine base might be boring and constrictive. This is a common misconception of military bases in general. Most young people reason that a military base has to be military-like […]