Do Parents Approve of the USMC?

They’ll Worry…

There are very few parents who would object to their son or daughter joining United States Marine Corps, as it is an institution that is capable of providing an education as well as a future in a wide range of career choices for their child. Of course, the safety of their children is a primary concern to parents, but as an institution that is based in history and one that carries with it an awesome reputation, more parents than not are extremely proud when a son or daughter enters the United States Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps has a reputation of instilling confidence, pride, and determination in recruits, and is well known for creating a lifelong sense of self-discipline, camaraderie and patriotism among its members. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to any military organization, United States Marine Corps stands behind a legacy of patriotism and duty that few parents could argue against.

When it comes to educational benefits and career at field choices, the United States Marine Corps offers not only the training and chance to gain experience in a wide number of fields, but can provide long-term financial security, not only during service commitment periods, but that can be transferred and used in the civilian workforce as well.

While there are few parents who won’t experience a brief moment of trepidation, fear, and concern for a son or daughter who has just announced that he or she has joined the United States Marine Corps, the moment is fleeting and is fast replaced by a burgeoning sense of pride and respect.