Well Known US Marines

Joining the Ranks of Famous Marines

It would certainly be difficult to list all of the famous Marines that have served throughout history from the time of the American Revolution to the present. However, any new recruit or veteran of the United States Marine Corps belongs to a company of Marines who have not only served their country, but in many cases, given their all, or all they’ve had to give, in their dedication to service, loyalty, and duty.

Famous Marines are found in all sectors of society. Anybody who has a television these days has had an opportunity to see many famous Marines throughout history, well-known or not. People today might be surprised to hear that people who played roles as some of their favorite television characters are among the list of Marines who have served not only in our generation, but in others as well. For example, anybody older than 40 years old will know the name of Bozo the Clown. Bozo, a.k.a. Bob Dale, was a
Marine, as was Get Smart actor Don Adams. Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls also served.

From sports figures to politicians, the list is almost endless. Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente as well as Major League Baseball manager Dusty Baker are among those names. Boxer Ken Norton as well as professional wrestler Randy Orton served, as did boxers Leon Spinks and the famous Gene Tunney.

Famous musicians also served, including both of the Everly brothers and country singer George Jones. The list doesn’t stop there, but includes famous politicians as well, among them astronaut John Glenn and former United States Secretary of State James Baker. Add to the list Robert Bork, Supreme Court nominee and retired federal judge.

From radio personalities to writers to comedians, Marines are a part of the life in history of famous people throughout United States history. From Freddy Fender to rapper Nate Dogg Hale, famous Marines are everywhere we look.