Does Size Really Matter?

It’s Mostly Spirit & Determination

When many people think of Marines, they often picture buffed out men standing over six feet tall, and swaggering around like John Wayne. However, other than the basic height requirement, size has absolutely nothing to do with how good or gifted or talented a Marine can be. Ask anyone who has been to any military training program or special forces training program, and they will tell you that what matters most of all is spirit, mental discipline, determination, and a desire to excel.

Throughout the history of the United States Marine Corps, famous Marines have come in all shapes and sizes. While the majority of Marines are in good physical condition, height has nothing to do with intelligence or the ability to get a job done. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that brawn is more important than brains, because it just isn’t true.

The average height of military personnel in the United States is anywhere between 5 foot nine and 6 feet tall. The average weight is about 180 pounds, give or take. Does that mean if you are over or under that you will not make a good Marine? Not at all. Averages are just that. Averages.

A United States Marine is more than muscle and sinew. A United States Marine is part of a team, and works together to make another person’s weakness their strength, and vice versa. A United States Marine is not judged on where they tip the scale, but on their ability to perform the task that is given to them.