US Marines Intelligence Field Opportunities

Examples of US Marine Corps Intelligence Specialty Fields

Many recruits may not realize that there is an Intelligence specialty field in military operations within the United States Marine Corps. This intelligence military occupational specialty was created in the early 1990s to help improve tactical intelligence in the Marine Corps and provides opportunities for command early in a Marine’s career.

A ground intelligence officer may start off as a scout sniper platoon commander, but will enable that Marine to ultimately serve as a battalion, regimental, or divisional staff member. Joining a reconnaissance platoon as commander follows an extremely rigorous screening process. Such a command may last up to 24 months, though thereafter, an officer may opt for top-secret clearance with special access to classified information.

There are a wide number of specialties within the military intelligence field in the USMC, and research should be engaged by anyone interested in pursuing a career in the Intelligence field before making a decision. Some information about Ground Intelligence officer courses may be accessed at:

Ground Intel Officer Course

The Human Intelligence/Counterintelligence field offer a wide range of opportunities as well, mainly for warrant officers with over ten years experience in human intelligence and counterintelligence. This field engages prisoner interrogation as well as counterintelligence activities that help to prevent non-friendly organizations or persons from obtaining information about Marine operations.

This MOS requires security clearance as well as someone gifted in making and maintaining contacts. Such a job field also requires conducting terrorism threat analysis and anti-terrorism awareness classes. Learn more.

USMC Signals Intelligence Careers

The United States Marine Corps also offers Signals intelligence careers that offer both physical and mental challenges. Such fields as air intelligence and other forms of military occupational specialties that require the intelligence occupational fields may be accessed at the following websites.

Intelligence military occupational specialties with the United States Marine Corps will help Marines to develop skills that will ensure success whether the military is chosen as a career or whether opting to transition into the civilian Intelligence workforce.