USMC Basics – What All New Recruits Need to Know

You thought that after you graduated from High School or college you probably wouldn’t have to memorize anything ever again. Certainly not to join United States Marine Corps! Well, you’re wrong. There are certain things that all recruits should know before they enter basic training or boot camp. Why? Because it helps a recruit to understand the history of the organization as well is what may be expected of him or her, both now and in the future.

Recruiters gave recruits a list of the things that they need to memorize or study before reaching boot camp. While you may not find this list important, you may regret not doing what the recruiter told you when it comes time to face that Drill Sergeant who asks (no, demands) that you answer some questions.

Some of the things that a recruit should memorize before boot camp include:

  • The Marine hymn
  • Knowledge of the Marine Corps ranking system
  • The 11 General Orders for a sentry
  • The Marine Corps Code of Conduct
  • Core Values of the Marine Corps
  • The characteristics of the M-16A4 rifle

Is that it? Probably not, but that will give you a good start. Perhaps this is just a test to gauge how well a recruit can follow instructions and directions before they even reach boot camp, but regardless, the information is a vital part of the life of any United States Marine Corps recruit.