The Navy Seals

Navy Seals – the mere name conjures up exciting images of covert combat missions or daring rescue. That is not far from the truth of the jobs the Seals perform in the line of duty. The Seals name is an acronym that means Sea, Air and Land. The Seals are a truly unique military fighting force.  The primary talents and vocation of the Navy Seals is extreme or unorthodox means of warfare, counter terrorism and special reconnaissance missions.

History of the US Navy Seals

Navy Seals training has the reputation of being one of the toughest programs to complete in the US military. This is an accurate reflection of Seal training presenting a clear and definite challenge to those who would seek the Navy Seal title. Seals volunteer for this duty and their training is completed only after normal Navy training.

Often, sailors who begin Seal training find they don’t have the fortitude to finish training under the extraordinary strain and stress of normal Seal training.  Other Seal trainees drop out due to injuries sustained during training, or the inability to perform certain tasks that must be completed during Seal training.  Some Seals attempt the Seal training program more than once before finally succeeding.

Origins of the Navy Seals dates back to 1942.  Personnel were needed for a special mission during WWII so members of both the Army and Navy formed a small group to train specially for this mission.  Subsequently, other special groups have came into being especially for unconventional missions over the years, and finally in 1966 we see the first named Seal team in action.  From there the Seals have evolved into the Seals we know today.