Marine Officer Duties

More Than Meets the Eye

Just like with any other job, the manager or leader has to carry out different
tasks depending on his or her specialization. In retail, you might have low
level managers in charge of certain store departments, store managers, district
managers and so on. In the Marine Corps, you have Lieutenants, Majors, Colonels
and so on. However, there is more about a Marine officer’s duties than
meets the eye. A Marine Corps officer is expected to be a Marine through and

At your "normal" job, a manager is not really expected to take on
more than his or her job description. If a job needs to get done, but there
are not enough employees to do it, then more help is sought out or more work
is pushed out of each low-level employee.

However, for a Marine Corps officer, the job getting done is just as much
the job of every person up and down the chain of command. A Lieutenant in the
Marine Corps has to be prepared to act as a private or as a general according
to whatever situation arises. The ability to recognize what is needed is what
makes a good Marine officer

Every officer also has a certain kind of job depending on the officer’s
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty). An officer for a platoon of infantrymen
is not expected to run the administrational offices, but if need be, he should
be able to step up and take care of things. A Marine officer is above all else
a Marine, and so is already the best that the U.S. military has to offer.